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1958 Pontiac Chieftain USAC Race Car

This car was a Pontiac salesman's demo from a Freeport, IL, family dealership. Race preparations took two months and the car was entered in a 150 mile event at the Milwaukee Mile in July 1958, where it qualified 4th fastest against factory backed teams. The car was driven by a 28 year old Korean war vet who began racing in 1954. It qualified in the top 10 for all four races at the Milwaukee Mile that year. It was raced nationally for 2 years and regionally for several years. The car was retired about 1962, and found and restored again in 2005 and finished in 7/11/12. It was also driven at Langhore, PA, by an Indy car driver and raced at Rockford speedway in IL from 1960-1962, when retired. NPOC award, Milwaukee Masterpiece Class award, Meadowdale Raceway award, Pace car for ASA Milwaukee Mile 2011-2013. The car is powered by, believed to be the correct period, 370 cubic inch engine 300 hp it was raced with back in the day, Cadillac front drum brakes, cooling air scoops front and rear, aluminum fly wheel and clutch, Venolia pistons, dual point dist, 3 speed manual trans, Harmon-Collins Roller cam, 3:90 rear axle ratio, etc. To many more details to put in description but great history and pics to show the background of the car and its place in oval track history!!

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